How To Become a Tutor and Earn Extra Money:

If you are wondering how to become a tutor, keep reading and I will do my best to give you the information you need.

Tutoring is one of the fastest growing home-based businesses that you can find. There are many options available to you, including working as a private tutor, tutoring online for an online tutoring agency, tutoring locally for a tutoring center, or tutoring students who are taking classes by distance learning or correspondence.

Setting up a tutoring business, in which you have a group of tutors working for you, is also an option you should consider. Many skilled and experienced people are looking for online tutoring jobs or local tutoring positions. If you are interested in running your own little-or big- business, this may be the choice for you.

First you will need to you want to tutor online? If you do, the whole world is your marketplace. Do you want to tutor in person only? This is very satisfying and rewarding, and there is great demand for local tutors who can meet in person with their students for tutoring instruction.

Next, you will need to will you do your marketing for your tutoring business? You can put up signs locally where accepted. You can advertise online, you can ask your friends to spread the word. For the 25 years I have been tutoring, I have used only word of mouth advertising and I have more students than I can possibly take on for tutoring.

How much will you charge? What hours will you work? How much tutoring will you do in a week? Where will you do the tutoring? Are you knowledgeable about tutoring regulations in your country?

Once you have answered all these questions, it is time to proceed with your plan. Get some students, and start sharing your skills. You will be helping someone else and making good money at the same time.

This blog contains much useful information for your tutoring business. Good luck! And please leave comments if you desire.

How to Become an Online Tutor

Teaching Jobs: How to Become an Online Tutor
By []Brian A Scott

If you are a teacher or you have been one in past, or even if you have never been a teacher but have a passion for this profession, you can try your luck to become an online tutor.

Among online jobs, this is one job that is gaining importance day by day, and at the same time, is very rewarding. There is a huge demand for online tutors as a large number of companies throughout the world are now outsourcing their tutorial services to countries where competent teachers are available at lower wages. The internet has made this world a global village and the high technology tools have made it possible for a person living in any part of the world to be a teacher to students living farther away.

To be an online teacher, you need to have the required skills and knowledge of the requirements of the market or the subject you are serving. You also need to have basic knowledge about how to use the equipment that is required to carry out online classes.

There are two ways to give online tuitions which are discussed below:

VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

VOIP allows tutor and tutee to talk over internet. In this form, tutor and tutee converse with each other through microphone and speakers. It's an easy way of carrying out conversation as they can easily discuss the subject and tutor can understand when the tutee is confused about something. Similarly, tutee can ask about any problems that he/she is facing. If camera is used in this conversation, it gives a human and live touch. Such tuitions are not less than the real form of tuitions, because books, notes can be used as well and even if there is any important diagram or information it can also be shared through camera.

Chat Technology

Through chat technology, tutor and tutee carries out conversation in the form of chatting. It is the traditional form of online tuitions. It lacks a human touch as not everything can be explained properly through chat. However, there are a few subjects that don't need deep explanations and thus, they can be taught over chat. To make this form of tuition more interesting, the tutor can provide links to important topics that the tutee can use to get in-depth details. However, as with VOIP, camera can be used in this form of tuitions to make it more interactive.

How to Become an Online Tutor?

When you decide to be an online tutor, you first need to decide whether you are more comfortable teaching through VOIP or chat. Then find the right sources that will help you become an online tutor. If you search on the internet you will come across a large number of websites that offer online tutor employment. Go through the application process. If they need your CV, attach it. Else, fill the forms on the website.

After you have gone through this process, all you'll have to do is wait. Soon, you will get the opportunity to be an online tutor.

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When you are learning how to become an online tutor, the general aspects of tutoring are important to learn.