How To Become a Tutor and Earn Extra Money:

If you are wondering how to become a tutor, keep reading and I will do my best to give you the information you need.

Tutoring is one of the fastest growing home-based businesses that you can find. There are many options available to you, including working as a private tutor, tutoring online for an online tutoring agency, tutoring locally for a tutoring center, or tutoring students who are taking classes by distance learning or correspondence.

Setting up a tutoring business, in which you have a group of tutors working for you, is also an option you should consider. Many skilled and experienced people are looking for online tutoring jobs or local tutoring positions. If you are interested in running your own little-or big- business, this may be the choice for you.

First you will need to you want to tutor online? If you do, the whole world is your marketplace. Do you want to tutor in person only? This is very satisfying and rewarding, and there is great demand for local tutors who can meet in person with their students for tutoring instruction.

Next, you will need to will you do your marketing for your tutoring business? You can put up signs locally where accepted. You can advertise online, you can ask your friends to spread the word. For the 25 years I have been tutoring, I have used only word of mouth advertising and I have more students than I can possibly take on for tutoring.

How much will you charge? What hours will you work? How much tutoring will you do in a week? Where will you do the tutoring? Are you knowledgeable about tutoring regulations in your country?

Once you have answered all these questions, it is time to proceed with your plan. Get some students, and start sharing your skills. You will be helping someone else and making good money at the same time.

This blog contains much useful information for your tutoring business. Good luck! And please leave comments if you desire.

How to Become a Tutor: Strengthening Trust

How to Become a Tutor: Tips for Strengthening Trust

Trust is a really strong glue that holds relationships together. This is very important to remember in the tutor-student relationship. It is also crucial in the tutor-parent relationship when working with young children who will be represented by their parents.

7 Tips for Strengthening Trust

1) Don't make promises which you may not be able to keep-- this is especially important in your promotional and advertising material. Don't promise outrageous results. Instead, remain truthful both to yourself and to your students. Encourage their full potential while balancing this with realistic goals for their growth.

2) Follow through on the promises that you do make. Keeping your word shows your students that they can count on you.

3) Offer information about yourself when talking with your students. This makes you more approachable and more of a 'real person' in their eyes.

4) Admit when you're wrong. We all make mistakes. It won't be your first nor your last time. Just admit it, make a humorous comment about it if you like, let the student laugh with you, and move on.

5) Be sensitive. If you sense that something is wrong; your student is not quite themselves, then pause the lesson and try to find out, in a sensitive way, if there is something they want to talk about or need your help with. Many students do open up to their tutors. Be prepared to respond in a supportive and sensitive way.